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We provide integrated personnel services

  • Personnel leasing
  • Services for foreign citizens (expatriates)
  • Personnel recruiting
  • Personnel administration and management
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Russian-Romanian-English translation anywhere in the world

  • Certified translations into and from: Russian, English, Romanian
  • Translations of high difficulty
  • Translations notarized upon request
  • Simultaneous translations at business events
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Human resources consultant

  • Job descriptions and internal regulation
    documents (internal regulation, payroll regulation,
    personnel motivation and assessment)
  • Organizational diagnosis
  • Electronic management and electronic archiving
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Organization of corporate events

  • Organization of seminars, conferences, receptions
  • Provision of simultaneous translations
  • All facilities inclusive
  • Optional programmes
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Visit Romania accompanied by a translator: Russian, English, Romanian

  • Organization of business visits in Romania for foreign citizens
  • Provision of translation throughout the stay duration
  • Circuits of touristic objectives
  • Best conditions for accommodation, board and transportation
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Dana Danulescu,
Petrotel - Lukoil



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Personnel recruiting services   

Best Personal Services: Personnel recruiting servicesThe good performance of each company’s activity depends to a great extent also on the labour force it disposes of at a certain moment.

  • But how to select the ideal candidate for a vacant position from a sea of applicants?
  • Which are the valid laws regulating the personnel activity?

Recruiting and managing the labour force is a complex process which could determine the success of your business. Therefore, professionalism is of great importance in such activities.

Integrated personnel services

We provide integrated personnel services and personnel recruiting services for your company to get the needed efficiency. The major advantage of the integrated personnel services provided by us is that we deal with anything related to management and organization of human resources, from recruiting to payroll – including for foreign citizens (expatriates) – so that the activity of your company carries on at a desired pace.

We provide the following personnel services and personnel recruiting services:

  • Providing personnel (Personnel leasing)
  • Personnel administration and management services
  • Services for foreign citizens (expatriates) who are going to be employed in Romania


  • Performance of a specialized management in the field of human resources (payroll, motivation, training, assessment, etc.);
  • Efficiency control of human resources management;
  • Strategic management in the field of human resources;
  • Direct effect on the Solomon index figures;
  • Cost reduction.

Best Personal Services: Punere la dispozitie de personal (Leasing de personal) Providing personnel (Personnel leasing)

By this service we take over the administrative management of the personnel provided for the client, acting as employer. This process is carried out in conformity with the Law 53/2003 - Labour Law republished and RGD 1256/2011. The company is a licensed agent of temporary labour, under the law.

Why Personnel leasing?

  • The necessity to temporarily replace certain employees, such as pregnant women or persons with health disorders, who need longer leaving time;
  • Special projects, which are performed for a limited period of time;
  • Existence of threat for the business in the sense of activity restriction;
  • Direct effect on the figures of the Solomon index;
  • Bringing new labor force and creating the possibility to run more personnel and to select the most efficient and motivated one.

Best Personal Services: Management de personal Services of personnel administration and management

  • Preparing the personnel documents;
  • Personnel recruiting;
  • Personnel training;
  • Formation and instruction of reserve professionals;
  • Positions and personnel assessment;
  • Payroll, motivation, personnel development;
  • Salaries calculation;
  • Organizational structure.

Best Personal Services: Cetateni straini (expati) Services for foreign citizens (expatriates) who are going to be employed in Romania

  • Assistance in obtaining the residence and work permits for foreign citizens;
  • Assistance in obtaining European forms;
  • Assistance in registering the foreign citizens with the Romanian competent authorities;
  • Obtaining the fiscal residence certificates.

Our offer of personnel integrated services and personnel recruiting services includes:

  • Collecting and archiving personnel documents;
  • Medical analyses upon hiring and general labour protection;
  • Management of individual labour contracts;
  • Revisal amendments registration;
  • Issuance of certificates and documents requested by the employees;
  • Payment of salaries and other benefits established through the contract;
  • Payment of taxes and social contributions;
  • Issuance of personnel documents (contracts copies, certificates for bank, physician, worked time, etc.) within maximum 24 hours;
  • Collecting, verifying and processing salary data (time sheets, information regarding labour relations, medical leaves, rest leaves, etc.);
  • Prepare and provide file with salaries payment in the employees’ bank accounts;
  • Purchase of meal tickets and delivery to the employees;
  • Prepare and deliver payslips, accounting affidavits, payment files for social contributions and 112 financial statement;
  • Prepare and provide reports required by the authorities;
  • Prepare reports for management team;
  • Prepare retirement files;
  • Managing the relationship with the Labour Inspectorate.

Are you looking for the right employees and a professional solution for the human resources management?

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